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    We can’t do everything. but we can get it done.

    We ensure top performance in all areas by cooperating with specialist companies.

    We have a well-established, wide-ranging network to ensure we can meet all the needs and special requests of our clients.


    Audiovisual Equipment

    Our audiovisual contractors are experts on the latest market developments, and can get everything set up for your presentation at the exhibition – from loudspeakers to complete sound solutions, from professional presentations on small monitors to high-impact big-screen projections and multi-screen displays.


    We have the right catering contractors for every need – from daily delivery of food and beverages to your stand, to the most extravagant party after exhibition hours. They can prepare exquisite buffet meals, various kinds of snacks and finger food, or a range of full meals with several courses, or they can prepare the meals on site for your guests in a live cooking display.


    We can recommend a good exhibition photographer for documentation of events at your stand. He/she can capture the key moments to ensure that you get high-quality, sophisticated documentation, with powerful images that reflect the character of the exhibition, with photos of the stand itself, of VIP guests, stand staff, emotions, etc. … for your press work, internet and intranet presentations, for preparation of new advertising materials, or simply as a memento.

    Large Scale Printing

    Kitchen Equipment

    Our kitchen contractors specialise in renting out refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers and kitchen equipment. We can handle discussions with your chosen supplier for selection of the fitted kitchen equipment and systems at your stand.


    Time windows are mostly very tight in the exhibition business – both for assembly and disassembly. We have extensive experience in precision scheduling, so it is part of our everyday work to keep to these times. Our logistic contractors support us in getting deliveries for your stand and exhibits to the right place at the right time.


    If our range of standard and designer furniture is not wide enough, we work with contractors who rent out furniture and equipment of the highest quality and perfect design – for all kinds of chairs, sofas & couches, stools & bar stools, tables & work surfaces, counters & showcases, conference & office furniture, racks & displays, and much more.


    Our contractors can supply all kinds of plants, with the best quality at reasonable prices – palms, solitaires, flower boxes, planting areas, plant displays, turf roll, bouquets; they ensure appropriate placing and expert care service during the event.

    Steel Construction

    In addition to our own stock of steel construction materials and stair systems, we also work with specialists in rental and assembly of structures for two-storey stand construction.

    Event Equipment

    Our contractors have the latest equipment to support our in-house range, for audiovisual, lighting, stages & platforms, turntables, etc.

    LÜCO Places

    LÜCO Internationaler Messebau Nord GmbH
    Stormarnstr. 45 | 22844 Norderstedt (Hamburg), Germany

    Phone +49 (0)40 52 95 80-0 | info@lueco.de

    LÜCO Ost GmbH
    Heinrichstr. 14 | D-04317 Leipzig, Germany

    LÜCO Internationaler Messebau Süd-West GmbH
    Johann-Vaillant-Str. 1-5 | D-40721 Hilden, Germany